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Sunday, September 5, 2010

he Importance Of Protective Footwear In The Workplace

The crippling cost and distress to employees of foot injuries, has prompted most nations, including the UK, to implement strict mandatory policies which enable effective protective strategies in the workplace.
Fortunately these measures have paid huge dividends as can be seen in the Canadian construction industry where foot injury was reduced by a whopping 60% when protective footwear was introduced.
Although we often associate foot injury with dangerous work environments; blisters, flat feet, dropped arches and aches and pains, associated with long periods of standing, all take their toll and can lead to unproductive staff and burgeoning absenteeism.

Interestingly enough it's not lacerations, amputations, crushings and punctures of the toes or feet which claim the most victims, it's ‘slips and trips' which account for the highest number of work-related injuries across all industrial sectors, accounting for 2 million sick days per year!

Common injuries sustained during the work day, when no workplace footwear is provided, include:
  1. Crushed feet, broken bones and amputations of toes and feet. These types of injuries are prevalent in construction, logging, longshore, fishing and oil rig operations.
  2. Punctures to the soles of the feet. Any employee working with nails, wire, staples and scrap metal is vulnerable.
  3. Cuts, lacerations and severed toes can be the result of working with chain saws, rotary mowers or other machinery without adequate protection.
  4. Burns resulting from chemical and molten metal splashes or other flammable and explosive materials are frequent in the mining and manufacture of heavy metals and the production of chemicals.
  5. Electric shocks can be caused by static electricity or direct contact with the source. Unprotected construction workers and electricians are often victims.
  6. Sprains, fractures and broken bones can occur literally anywhere where there's a slippery floor, cluttered walkway or simply inadequate lighting. Teachers, shop assistants and office workers are not excluded from foot injury! Today, there is a diverse range of UK safety footwear which provides guaranteed protection in the workplace, adheres to European safety standards and is attractive too.
  7. Steel-toed boots designed to protect the top of the feet. Polycarbonate-fibre toecaps are as efficient.
  8. Safety boots and shoes with impact protection. Dual density impact absorbing soles and padded polyurethane ankle collars, for additional support and protection, do the trick.
  9. Safety trainers and shoes with puncture protection. Flexible anti-perforation midsoles are effective.
  10. Protective footwear with anti-static rubber soles, waterproof leather uppers and breathable inner linings.
Remember to identify the potential hazards in the work place before selecting protective footwear for your staff. Then simply choose from a wide range of affordable, comfortable and, fashionable, UK safety footwear.
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Tempo Gas Walker

Many avid boaters know that it can be extremely expensive and at times very difficult to fuel a speedboat, pontoon, or jet ski while out on the water. Some lakes or rivers may not even provide fueling stations, depending on the location, and others charge an arm and a leg for their precious gas. The same gas that you can get for half the price at the regular gas station down the road. Having the Tempo Gas Walker can solve both problems by giving you the ability to have gas readily available and not have to empty your pocket book to pay for it.

 The Tempo Gas Walker is a gravity fed fuel pump that will dispense 3.5 gallons per minute. It comes equipped with recessed wheels that will move easily over many terrains without damaging the axle. And the strong, easy to grip handle is built right in so there's no chance of losing your gas walker as you walk up a hill or down the dock. The cross-linked polyethylene construction also makes the walker very durable for little risk of damage.

 One feature of the handy Tempo Gas Walker is a valve that is similar to those used on gas pumps. The valve is attached to a 10 foot hose which provides plenty of length for filling your boat up right from the dock. It has a bronze ball valve that helps prevent leaks during transport and a brass shutoff valve to help control the flow of fuel.

 Before you start getting ready for your next day or weekend on the water make sure you fill your boat's fuel tank as well as your new gas walker. Depending on the size of your boat or watercraft, you can sometimes more than double your fuel capacity since this portable fuel tank will hold up to 29 gallons of gasoline for later use. Don't spend your sunny afternoon stranded in the middle of the lake or spending your week's earnings on gas. Consider a portable fuel tank such as the Tempo Gas Walker.
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Skechers Athletic Shoes - Behind More Of The Brands You Love Than You Know

Skechers has been around since the mid 1990's. In fact the founder of the Skechers company was once on the board of directors for LA Gear. If you remember LA Gear, good luck finding a pair in any shoe stores today, but what you will find is the popularity of Skechers athletic shoes to be growing almost exponentially. Skechers started out mainly geared toward utility type boots and skate shoes, but quickly branched out into fashion and athletic shoes as well. Skechers athletic shoes can be found all over the world in a variety of specialty stores as well as Skechers brand retail stores.

Over the years Skechers has developed a wide range of styles and product lines for men, women, and kids, but their athletic shoes are by far the most successful. You might be surprised to find that some of your other favorite brand name sneakers are simply Skechers shoes rebranded for other companies - Unltd. by Marc Ecko, Rhino Red, Red by Marc Ecko, Zoo York, 310 Premium Footwear, BEBE SPORT, Punkrose, Public Royalty, and Mark Nason. But if you really like Skechers athletic shoes, they offer sneakers that are genuinely designed for hard training and other shoes more appropriate for casual every-day activity. Skechers has always been known for producing very high quality athletic shoes with a very reasonable price tag, but Skechers clearance items also include many of the most popular styles for significantly reduced prices.

If you are looking for a fantastic athletic shoe that wears great and cleans up easily too, then perhaps you should try out a pair of Skechers Energy athletic shoes. The Energy line has various sub-lines for men and women, and they're all great for lots of walking while at work or for putting in a hard bout of cross training at the gym.<

Skechers Heatwave sandals are one of the highest quality most comfortable sandal lines on the market. Although not necessarily an athletic shoe per se, heatwaves are great for all types of daily activity. With exceptionally durable and comfortable construction, heatwave sandals are sure to please.

Skechers also makes a great low cut boot slip on hybrid shoe designed for women's casual wear. Skechers Shindigs sport a faux fur trim and interior for extreme comfort. The heavy tread add fantastic step absorption while adding more to the stylish appeal of the shoe.

Skechers has also pushed the boundary on what a work boot should look like as well. Skechers steel toe sneakers are great for those hard workers who require protection in the toe but would like to wear something other than a heavy work boot. Athletic look with work boot durability and protection, Skechers steel toe athletic shoes work well for everyone from paramedics to plumbers to heavy lifting warehouse workers.

One of the most innovative shoes to come along in a decade, Skechers Shape Ups provide an athletic workout all while doing just about anything on your feet. Skechers Shape Ups are designed to positively alter the way you walk in order to strengthen your posture, tone your calves and thighs, and improve circulation in the legs. These shoes are a great way to get in shape and stay there.

If you are in the market for a good pair of athletic shoes that won't skimp on quality and wont lighten your pocket book, Skechers has the right shoe to fit your needs.
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Motherly Embellishments As Ruby Earrings

If you have a special lady in your life and are wondering what would make a good birthday gift, you should consider getting her a pair of ruby earrings. As a matter of fact, ruby's ruddiness provides a warm look to all kinds of wardrobe including all kinds of personalities too.
Red has always been the symbol of love and the ruby is the perfect reflection of that symbol. You can even find little heart style earrings that have ruby stones set inside them. You can also find accessory pieces of jewelry to coordinate with the style of earrings you choose.
Ruby earrings are mostly worn as a symbol of splendor or with a purpose to shower sensual sight, even on red carpet. Ruby fits in like a perfect extravaganza. Its rarity and ruddiness together becomes as an answer for mysterious beauty which ruby holds.

Simple to ornate styles in Ruby Rings within both yellow and white gold makes the flushing crimson look exquisite. Combination of diamonds is also a good fashion statement to create with this jewelry.
Heart Ruby Ring in white gold and Ruby and Diamond Band in white gold are two admirably absolute models of intense artful conceptions in glistening white gold. Interestingly, an eye catching throw of angelic fuchsia-colored reflection is what is the final obtained splendor.
Ruby earrings thrill the wearer by penetrating deep into the essence of any occasion. When gifted to a beloved it makes her realize the depth of feelings and worth of togetherness. The earrings reflect the love you have for her and really convey the message of how much you care. Any woman would love to receive a pair of elegant earrings with rubies in them.
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Credit Protection Is More Complicated Nowadays Than It Was In The Past

People that you don't even know and whom you have never seen or met can easily defraud you in a number of different ways including by stealing your identity. Identity theft is something that threatens your finances and also your peace of mind and it involves an unauthorized person or persons making off with your private and personal information with a view to using it against you. Once a person has obtained (fraudulently) your personal information he or she can use it in many different ways to cause you harm.

Be Notified
Crimes can be committed in your name which will send you into a tizzy and such crimes can affect anyone and everyone. Credit protection is something that is offered by certain companies that have the resources and the wherewithal to monitor as well as notify you about someone or some people trying to steal your identity or in other ways, uses your personal information against you.

Credit protection services are offered to individuals, small companies as well as to large scale companies. By availing of credit protection you can be sure that you and your personal information is protected and used only in an authorized manner. In times gone by, credit protection was quite simple and straightforward. Also, as long as you ensured that your private information was not divulged to complete strangers, you were quite secure as far as credit fraud was concerned.

In the present times, when the Internet has permeated every aspect of our lives, credit protection is something that is a lot more complicated than in the good old days. If you, like many millions of Internet surfers, are careless about whom and where you give out your personal information; you would no doubt end up facing some pretty dire consequences.

Credit protection involves being able to avoid making elementary mistakes. First of all, it involves that you be aware of the physical location of a company that is selling your something - whether a product or services. Those companies that do not give out their physical addresses should be treated with suspicion.
Also, you can ensure credit protection by using a firewall when using your computer as this will provide protection against computer hackers who can break into your system and make off with your personal information.

Another worrisome aspect to keeping your identity secure from identity thieves is to understand what it takes to get suitable fraud protection. In today's world of Internet, it is wiser to ensure that you are very careful about how you use this powerful tool. Remember, it is not the Internet that is the culprit; rather, it is how you use the Internet that can cause you a lot of harm.
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Pome Footwear Comfortable Footwear

Some people say that the human foot works very well on its own and does not require a lifetime help from shoes. There are many who spent their lives without wearing any shoes. So why are shoes virtually on every foot then? The logic put forward is that most urban and sub-urban people use it as the ground is hard and out feet need the cushioning of footwear to absorb the shock.

Pome boots have been around for so many years and have been serving quite satisfactorily. The idea behind these boots creation was to cater to those men interested in outdoor activities and believes in a tough and tough style of lifestyle. More recently they have come out with a style with the same sportsman look but with a little difference of street wear fashion for the every day city commuter.

The logic behind this creation was to bring the boots from a user of a few sections to the common people around involved in daily activities of life. The outstanding features of these boots immediately got accepted and the people by and large accepted it as a new fashion boots.
I think by now you have a little bit of idea that Pome was originally made to serve the outdoor enthusiastic people fort their rugged style, but gradually changing with the changing time and making it available to the everyday city commuter. .Pome brand has been able to fight its way and has taken these boots out of dark and brought them into mainstream fashion.

You may be wondering how this product has stood the test of time with both it contribution and practically to fashion. It is because of its combination of water proof protection, a rubber molded bottom and  last but not the least the supple comfort of leather nubuck.A great feature of these boots are that the nubuck used in making the boots is very much useful in protecting it from normal weather conditions which might create damage or wear and tear on the material. It protects the boots from rain as well as the snow. A steel shank is provided to add support along with a rubber chain-tread boot buttom to provide a good traction that is t he cushioning of your feet to make you feel much more comfortable. The boots are extremely durable because of the materials used and certified O.K after repeated test on the boots under rugged conditions. The most important facts about these boots is that the they keep your feet dry in wet conditions. So you need not worry about your boots when you are crossing a small stream or puddles of water in the street. The boots will remain as it is because of its water proof features and the ultimate effect of your feet also being kept dry

The Pome duck boots are abrasion resistant, water proof protection and paddled collar especially around the ankle to make it a more c comfortable fit. The presence of heavy duty laces with rust proof protection made it a more durable material thus providing maximum foot support. All these unique features have made Pome boots so popular now among the city commuters as it is serving them to the best of their satisfaction. So if you have not tried out with Pome try it out as soon as possible and give your feet reasons to enjoy the feel of comfort..
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Ssteele: Creating A Niche In The Industry

The P.A Group of Industries was set by Mr. G.S Purewal, a man with immense visionary power. He was known as an idealistic person, rather than a shrewd businessman and was respected by Indian as well as international watch makers.

P.A Time Industries is the owner of the Maxima brand which is the second largest watch brand in India. The vision behind setting up the Maxima brand was to target the economically weak part of the Indian society. Thus the price range is also a very honest and modest one starting at Rs. 350. There is a huge availability in models across Maxima which make it very a very popular brand since it caters to choices of all and sundry.  Moreover an attempt has been made by making it available in all nook and corners of the country.
Recently the PA time Industries have launched a new range of watches called SSTEELE which has a range of more than 50 distinct models between price points of Rs1500-Rs 3000.  There is an upward shift in the value chain with the launch of the SSTEELE brand.

The models characterize as being classy, elegant, daring and glamorous. The target group for this brand is essential females and males belonging to urban and semi urban cities of India. The SSTEELE models which are made of stainless steel purely are targeted to capture the imagination of today's youth.
The watchmakers have conducted extensive market research and thus feel that the youth of the country basically feels the same way and thus the target group ranges across the different tiers of society. The research also reflected on youth's choice being primarily towards European designs that was thus incorporated in the impressive designing of the SSTEELE brand.
The smart and contemporary look of the watches definitely has a potential to be a trendsetter, which would once again reflect on the immense potential of the company.

The PA Time Industries intends undertaking huge marketing campaigns and branding exercises to build awareness for the brand. Moreover the PA Time Industries have always been reputed for their quality, services, innovation and superior designing. Thus with the launch of SSTEELE the company intends to reinforce these characteristics to their customers for higher growth and sky rocketing sales.
A customer usually looks for after sales services while purchasing a watch. Thus the PA Time Industries intend having a strong network for distribution as well after sales service providers for SSTEELE in place. The company intends to have a distribution network of the first 50 in the key cities and towns in the country during the fist phase. This would be followed by an expansion of 30 more across the country in the second phase. Overall they intend opening 80 centers for distribution by the end of 2010.

The company is targeting a significant increase in turnover with the launch of the SSTEELE brand. This reflects highly in the company's aspirations and beliefs.
Thus the jazzy and stylish SSTEELE would surely prove to be a worth while accessory for the young Indian who wants to look impressive and glamorous!
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